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General Business Consultation and Legal Advice

Many clients utilze general counsel on a regular basis. Having an attorney who knows your business, and your perspectives, is valuable. We welcome such relationships, which we are able to set up on a cost effective basis. Mr. Breen has functioned at the higest executive level in a number of businesses, and brings input on all aspects of corporate management, including strategic growth initiatives, such as sales and agent programs, expansion strategies through mergers and acqusitions, and expense containment. He has served on the board of directors of multiple entities, including the Terminix™ National Council.

We can assist with cash flow issues, especially if customers are extending payment terms, through various strategies ranging from low keyed collection letters to full legal action.  Use of payment plans and contracts with fee shifting provisions can make the initiative simple and highly cost effective.

We handled many asset purchases, mergers and acquisitions in a number of industries.  Working with a team of accountants and advisors, these deals prove to challenging and rewarding.

Having an attorney on your team enhances the decision process, and may prevent legal issues later.


Common Business Topics

1.  Finding businesses to purchase or merge with, including synergistic business    relationships.

2   Setting up agent and sales programs

3   Analyzing opportunities to spin off underperforming components of the business

4   Developing liquidation strategies

5   Pursuing delinquent and non performing debts and obligations. 

6.  Adherence to regulatory requirements at federal, state and local level

7.  Development of asset purchase agreements and related documents.

8.  Negotiations in connection with acquisitions, leases and other contractual  relationships.

9.  Revising language related to bills of lading, broker-carrier contracts, transportation  agreements and other documents used in transportation.

10.  Updates on new court decisions, new legislation and new regulations.