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Home Inspectors

For years, Mr. Breen has represented a multitude of home inspectors and their companies. He has spoken at state conventions and has defended inspectors throughout the state of Ohio.

Whether you are affiliated with ASHI™, NAHI™, other organizations or not affiliated at all, we have information available upon request, contract updates, employment agreements, merger or acquisition agreements. When a dispute is threatened, we are able to assist in negotiating an out of court settlement of the claim by invoking favorable court holdings within the state. If litigation is necessary, we will zealously pursue the matter and present the case to a jury or trial judge.

We can make sure you are set up correctly, not just as a limited liability company, but that the documents are all prepared correctly, such as the operating agreement and by laws, and that the proper corporate formalities are observed on a continuing basis.

Using a contract developed by Breen Law, one large group of inspectors has reduced its claim experience mega fold. Strategic placement of protective clauses which limit liability and restrict relief have proven to be enforceable and protective.


Most Common Areas of Liability

1. Negligence. These actions allege that the inspection was not performed in accordance with prevailing industry standards.

2. Breach of Contract. For those who do not utilize the newest version of the top tier inspection contract, there are many avenues of attack under many older contracts.

3. Consumer Protection. In cases where a plaintiff alleges fraud, which is rare, they typically will tack on a consumer act count, which carriers stiff penalties and damages.

4. Negligent Referral. In cases where the inspector has referred a client to another third party, for example, a structural engineer, aggressive plaintiffs may bring the referring inspector into the suit on a negligent referral theory.