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Civil & Business Litigation

Business litigation is our focus, not just for clients in Ohio, but as local counsel for law firms and clients throughout the United States, and for companies based in Europe.  We appear in all courts within Ohio, and have appeared pro hac vice in other states throughout the country.  Matters range from relatively small disputes in state court to mega dollar interstate disputes in federal court.  Routine areas of engagement include transportation and logistics, insurance, contract disputes including non competes and membership rights, as well as health care, real estate, construction related matters, including home inspections and pest control.  

Whether you intend to pursue a claim for relief or are forced to defend one, we are here to provide expertise and guidance.  A careful evaluation is conducted of the case, wherein the risks and benefits of litigation are assessed, as well as the desirability of exploring extra judicial alternatives, such as arbitration or mediation. Once a plan of action is developed, it is launched with precise execution and with the objective of fairly and forcefully advancing the client's position. At every juncture, the client is asked to participate in decisions involving the cost effectiveness of various litigation strategies, so the case may be managed in an economically reasonable manner.

Strategic and tactical useage of judicial opportunities are employed.  We will readily take the case to a full jury or bench trial, though at the same time advance the strategic filing of motions for summary judgment or judgment on the pleadings, to contest jurisdiction, and to seek removal from state court to federal court when appropriate.

Some of the areas of litigation include the following:

• Civil & Complex Litigation

• Business Disputes
• Non Compete Cases
• Home Inspection Disputes 

• Transportation and Logistics
• Construction
• Insurance Defense & Subrogation
• Health Care, Dental Implants

• Real Estate
• Regulatory and Government
• General Practice

We appear in courts throughout Ohio, including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and many of the rural courts.  Columbus, however, being the state Capitol, is venue for most of the state wide offices and departments, where we litigate before many of the administrative agencies.  Many Ohio courts utilize electronic filing systems that expedite and simplify filing tasks and eliminate significant travel time, expense and logistics.