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LOCAL COUNSEL, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, State of Ohio

We act as local counsel for out of state law firms, insurance carriers, and transportation and supply chain entities and others.  We are located in Columbus, which is situated in the middle of the state, with Cleveland to the north, and Cincinnati to the south.

We are flexible and will assume any role that fits.  For some clients, we assume full responsibility, sometimes perfecting a removal from state court, and then proceeding to trial.  For others, we assume second seat and simply monitor the case for compliance with local rule and practice.  As local counsel, we offer:

a Flexibility in defining the role

a Flexible billing arrangements and fee structures

a Flexible fixed rate or contingent fee plans

a Flexible litigation plans, tactical strategies.

Acting as local counsel, we will report to counsel or a corporate client.  We provide regular reports and welcome client input.  In Ohio, many courts, including the federal courts, and the common pleas courts of the largest counties, Cuyahoga (Cleveland), Franklin (Columbus) and Hamilton (Cincinnati) have electronic filing, so it is easy to communicate with up to the minute developments in a case.

It is also easy to combine appearances, so that the electronic filing systems include the host attorney and/or client on all filings in real time.

We are pleased to assist on a single matter, or on a continuing basis if there are continuing needs.




Contact us as local counsel to handle a broad array of civil litigation matters.  We can take the case under any arrangement you deem appropriate. If you need expertise in any area we don't cover, we will assist you in finding the right attorney.


We can handle any case, just contact us to discuss the matter.  We accomodate carrier fee rates and charges, and can work within your budgetary requirements.



We cover cargo and freight claims, delivery issues, Carmack claims and other related disputes.  We've handled a multitude of such cases, often removing them from state court first.  Dry freight, refrigerated, truck load, LTL, or otherwise is within our routine experience.  We can work directly with the shipper, third party intermediary or consignee, or through in house counsel.


Foreign companies can obtain assistance in starting, operating or selling business interests within the United States.  Using counsel outside of New York or other port cities can result in huge cost savings.  We can assist with the incorporation of the venture and set up initial contracting documents, employment contracts, vendor relationships.  And, we can assist with guidance relative to regulatory issues, healthcare, etc.





In Ohio, the federal district courts are located in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton.


Each of the 88 counties has a Court of Common Pleas, which is the primary trial court in state court.  Each county also has a municipal court, with lower jurisdiction.


Appeals from the state courts are taken to the 12 courts of appeal.  Appeals from the federal district courts are taken to the US Sixth Circuit, located in Cincinnati.